Tuesday, November 27, 2007


i found this old marker drawing i had done of a bulletin board.
i really like it and figured i should scan it in before it falls apart.

it reminds me of all the stuff i have to do before break...

riley jo

im thinkin this is going to be on the Robison Holiday Christmas Card...

shes a pain in the butt, but who could get mad at this face?

another doodle...

i really like sketching weird bags in class.
i think because they always turn out good.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sit back relax and go broke...

i love watching T.V. and being able to pick out the furniture in the shows, knowing that there is no way they could afford it. the average person wouldnt understand, much less notice a 5,000 dollar chair sitting in a living room of a middle class televison show family.

ahh iArc

the chill

yep its that time. the holiday season. yeah, it may only be mid- november but it is cold and im wippin out the christmas list and slippers.

these are the best slippers in the world....seriously.

no really, the world


after almost one month of no life. i return with a sketch.

crits are long. why not draw.


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